RI Reporting Awards 2018

RI Reporting Awards 2018 were held on the evening of Tuesday 5th June 2018 during the RI Europe 2018 Gala Dinner.

For further information about RI Europe visit www.responsible-investor.com/rieurope2018 .

The RI Reporting Awards are organised by Responsible Investor in association with our research partner Responsible Finance Research (RFR). The RI Awards were established in 2013 to create an aspirational benchmark for asset owners and asset managers by encouraging and recognizing best practice and transparency in responsible investment reporting across the institutional investment sector. What gets measured, gets managed. But what gets reported, gets refined, read, appraised and then strategically developed across an industry. And we believe that the leaders should be recognised!

Every award sets an aspirational benchmark for others to follow.

How we do it

The good news is, there's no need to enter!

The RI Reporting Awards are based on proprietary research of more than 2,500 asset owner and asset manager reports around the world. Using publicly available information, we look for reporting best practice in terms of simplicity, relevance, disclosure and process, applying a series of pre-determined objective indicators to create pools of RI reports which are short-listed for consideration by our expert panel of Awards Judges.

For a full overview of the research process and methodology, see the full process here.

The Venue

etc.venues County Hall, Riverside Building Belvedere Road London SE1 7PB

* Entrance to the venue is via Belvedere Road, opposite Forum Magnum Square


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